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No online specials at the moment,  please visit our stores for specials.

Call us for any unlisted items that you may be interested in.

 Armando & Sons Meat Market weekly special pricing are subject to change without notice. Since we pride ourselves on having the freshest produce available to you, the food/meat market may vary in pricing, and changes weekly. We try to provide you with the most current specials by updating our site, but prices may vary in store.

24 thoughts on “Weekly Specials”

  1. I wanted to how much will it cost for 20lb of chicken and 30lb and how much will it be for a case of it?

    1. Hi Stephanie, that is a great question,

      Stew beef is tender and comes boneless, whereas Beef for soup or Meat for soup is a bit tougher and does come with bone, giving more flavor due to the bone marrow.
      This week we have a special on Meat for Soup – $3.79lb or if you buy 10 lbs or more it will be *$3.29/lb. Offer lasts from Sept 9-21st. Hope this answers your question.

  2. how much is boneless skinless chicken breast? usually you have it in your special listing.
    Thank you

        1. Yes, so sorry about that…an update on that is needed… #2 Reg. price is $45, and it’s on special for $40.00

    1. Yes we do catering. Visit any of our locations in Pawtucket or Providence and ask any of the staff and they will direct you to the appropriate personnel to help you get started 🙂

    1. Hi this week up til December 14, 2016 it will be $9.99 lb. or $8.99 lb if you buy the whole prime rib.

    1. We can do that if you so request it. Just visit any of our 2 locations and ask for it at the butcher’s counter, and they can accommodate 🙂

  3. Just stopped at the Cranston location and was told you don’t do the packages. Please update your website.

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