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The tenderloin is pretty much what the name implies…its the tender meat of the loin of the cow located on each side of the vertebral column. We cut this precisely at our in house Meat Prep Room, with skilled butchers, you will have your tenderloin, freshly cut and prepped the way you want it.

Average lbs/per piece: 7 – 8 lbs




Blade Meat


Blade Meat (also known as chuck meat) is a special high end cut with concentrated quality taste. It is somewhat flat almost thin-like, no fat on it because of how thin it is and where its located on the cow. It’s located in between the blade bone and the cartilage attaches with the prime rib.

Average lbs: 3 lbs

Chuck Roast


Chuck Roast come in different varieties; beef chuck roll/tender, beef chuck eye roll, and beef chuck under blade roast. Chuck roll is a meat that is not as tender as the rest, it requires more of a slow cooking method to be able to achieve maximum tenderness. The end result is highly worth the wait.

Average lbs: beef chuck Roll: 13 – 21 lbs
beef chuck tender: 1 – 3 lbs
beef chuck eye: 8 – 14 lbs
beef chuck under blade: 8 – 14 lbs

Flank Steak




Flank steak is most commonly used by restaurants and most requested by customers. With great taste and easy to deal with, it makes for a great meal and Armando’s can provide that for you! Flank steak is located on the Flank low region. Hardly any fat is attached tot he flank steak.

Average lbs: 1 – 2 lbs

Rib Eye

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Rib eye is another common among restaurant menus for its tenderness and overall, taste. We have these ready for cut to your preference. Varying from beef rib, rib-eye, and lip-on/off. We can remove the fat for you if you’d like. Lip on or off depends if you want the rib eye steak with or with out the tail. depending of tail is what signifies if its a beef rib or rib eye roll.

Average lbs: 1 – 1.25 lbs
(with or without bone, weight may vary)

Top Sirloin




Top sirloin is also known as Coulotte the top loin is a very flat, triangular shaped located in the top sirloin butt area. The cut on this top sirloin is naturally perforated on the animal.

Average lbs: 10 – 14 lbs





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T-bone cut is located on the short loin area. Part of the tender more tasteful area of the beef. Very much liked in most restaurants. It is called the t-bone because the bone cut with this meat is shaped into a T with meat on either side.

Average lbs: 1 – 2 lbs




Beef Stew

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Beef Stew cuts are made from the chuck, brisket, rib or plate region. These are cut into cubes and are ready to cook!

Average lbs: 1 lb each cube






Beef Knuckle

Beef Knuckle is removed from its natural seems of the top inside round, and also the bottom round of the beef. the knuckle beef can come in many different preparation cuts called the tip, sirloin tip, or round tip

Average lbs: 6 – 7 lbs





Bottom Round




Bottom Round is also referred to as a gooseneck, it is high in flavor and often used for numerous recipes. Armando’s can cut, tie, trim to your preference. This cut is located in the primal beef round also includes the eyes cut.

Average lbs: 31 lbs





Shoulder Clod

Shoulder Clod. is located on the triceps of the animal. More so from the beef chuck area.

Average lbs: 13 – 21 lbs



Short Ribs

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Short Ribs are located in the rib region and usually contain 2-5 ribs. Connective tissue and is removed for better taste and consistency. There are cut individually as well. You can order them boneless if you desire so.

Average lbs: 8 – 9 lbs









Steak cut is take from the loin rib area of the beef. its a tender cut that is cooked quickly under the right temperatures, using dry heat. levels of steak are cooked from very rare, rare, medium, medium well done, or well done.

Average lbs: 6 – 8 lbs






Sirloin meat is cut from the rear part of the animal near the t-bone area. sirloin can be divided in several cuts, top sirloin-very common selection. bottom sirloin – less tender

Average lbs: -up to 15 lbs





Prime Rib

 - isolated raw rib beef



Prime Rib cut is from the primal rib area . its one of the eight primal cuts. consists of 7 bones.

Average lbs: 22 lbs






Lean Ground Beef

- extra lean ground beef patties in container; isolated on white background





Lean ground beef is a common for the use of hamburgers, not too much fat on these. It is high in flavor and greatly favored among restaurants.

Average lbs: varies per request





Ground Beef

 - close up raw ground beef



Ground Beef is taken from chuck, round sirloin area. meat is minced and sold to your choice.

Average lbs: varies per request


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  1. I would like a bone in prime rib suitable for 5 adults I would like a fat cap for this prime rib for Christmas, can this be done?
    Jim D.

    1. Yes, that is do-able. Just make sure you tell the butcher at any of our 2 locations how you want it, and he can accommodate. 🙂

    1. Well you can buy it now and freeze it until a couple days before. Then let it thaw for two days. But if you want it fresh, 3 days in advance is okay.

  2. Is it possible to buy a 2-3 pound beef tenderloin? I am having a small dinner party – 4 people. I would like it trimmed and tied. And how much is it per pound?

    1. Yes we can do that for you. Just tell any of our butchers that you want a 2-3 pound and tell them you want it trimmed and tied…they will gladly do that for you. See our weekly specials for more info.

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